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Durable Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor
  • Wear-resistant Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor

Durable Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor

Rigid spc vinyl floor is wear-resistant, is very suitable for family ground to use. Rigid spc vinyl floor has become a modern family favorite wood flooring

Rigid spc vinyl floorinrecentyearsishighly respected in the country, in the decoration industry is also one of the priority products launched, because the most common problem of wood flooring is the floor moisture, deformation, warping, peeling and other phenomena generated. Then for these problems must make some quality improvements in the production of the floor, to achieve the real 0 formaldehyde, long life use time as well as not deformed, etc.

This rigid spc vinyl flooruses six layers of protection, mainly with calcium powder as the raw material, and UV layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, glass fiber layer, base material layer, medium material layer and wear-resistant layer, on top of these polymer grass-roots level, can do soft and quiet rebound effect, when walking in the house neither affect other houses nor affect the downstairs tenants, very suitable for family ground to use.

Many families are generally worried about a problem, this floor can help you solve. Its wear-resistant layer has the characteristic of not being afraid of water, the use of mineral rock powder and polymer powder composition, so it can effectively prevent the problem of deformation and mold due to water blisters, in addition to the bedroom, even in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony can also be used.

Obviously rigid spc vinyl floorhas become a modern family favorite wood flooring, with multiple advantages in one, is the modern very good wood flooring!

Durable Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor

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