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Environmental SPC Vinyl Tile
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Environmental SPC Vinyl Tile

SPC vinyl tile material is green environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde. If you need SPC vinyl til, please contact us.

First, spc vinyl tile material green environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde. We all know that formaldehyde is highly toxic, and it is more harmful to the elderly, children, pregnant women and other people with low immunity, and the floor as an important decorative material for the family, what kind of floor to choose, directly affects the health of the family.

Second, spc vinyl tile has waterproof, can be used in any place. spc vinyl tile it is mainly composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, etc., wind and rain are not afraid, not only is the living room, bedroom preferred safety floor, also very suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, can be used in any place.

Thirdly, rigid vinyl tile has the advantage of fireproof. spc vinyl tile material is with natural flame retardant, fireproof level reached B1, when the floor is on fire, it will be naturally extinguished after burning, take a wet rag and wipe it on the floor, it immediately becomes dry and clean, there will not be any trace, so now many public spaces choose spc vinyl tile.

rigid vinyl tile

rigid core tile

rigid core vinyl tile

rigid luxury vinyl

rigid vinyl flooring tile

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