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Soundproof rigid luxury vinyl flooring
  • Soundproof rigid luxury vinyl flooring

Soundproof rigid luxury vinyl flooring

SPC core flooring has a good performance of wear-resistant, fire retardant and so on. If you need spc core flooring, please feel free to contact us.

1. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc core flooring has a special non-slip performance, with the characteristics of water becomes astringent, while the waterproof and moisture-proof ability is also first-class, as long as it is not long-term water invasion will not be damaged.

2. Spc core flooring also has a good fire retardant performance, but the ignition of the cigarette fell on the floor, although not scorched but will leave a yellow mark that is not easy to remove, however, compared to composite flooring flame retardant performance is not inferior.

3. Rigid core spc flooring has better acid and alkali resistance.

4. In appearance, spc core flooring color variety is rich, high-end products textured bumpy preparation as if the carpet is lifelike, set off a graceful, elegant and fresh aesthetic effect.

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SPC Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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