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Construction Method of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring
Sep 03, 2020

Construction method of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring:

waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring

1. Plain ground treatment: according to the condition of plain ground, polish, repair and remove dust;

2. Vinyl ester primer: the vinyl ester resin is added with accelerator and curing agent according to the appropriate proportion, and the plain ground is scraped once to enhance the surface adhesion;

3. Laying glass fabric: place the glass fabric flat, adhere the glass fabric with the prepared vinyl ester intermediate coating, and level the vinyl ester intermediate coating with a cutter to make it evenly coated, and make one to three layers as required;

4. Vinyl ester intermediate coating: evenly coat the prepared vinyl ester intermediate paint with a trowel for one to two times;

5. Vinyl ester topcoat: the prepared vinyl ester topcoat is evenly coated with a trowel, and the whole ground is bright and clean after completion, with uniform color and no hollowing;

6. Completion of Construction: people can be boarded after 24 hours, and heavy pressure can be carried out after 72 hours. (subject to 25 ℃, the opening time at low temperature should be appropriately extended)

7. Maintenance of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring

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