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Is There Formaldehyde in SPC Core Flooring
Sep 10, 2020

In-home decoration, resin glue is often used. Because of its low price, this kind of glue is widely used.

This kind of glue can make any sawdust and paper scraps into building materials. The large core board, particleboard, density board, Aosong board, and other boards used for decoration are all bonded with resin glue. Therefore, the more boards used in home decoration, the greater the possibility of containing formaldehyde, and the solid wood floor will inevitably belong to this category. Whether it is a custom-made wardrobe, cabinet, or purchased a finished sofa, the dining table, will contain formaldehyde.

Of course, there is much pure solid wood furniture on the market, formaldehyde content is relatively small, but the price is expensive, the pursuit of high-end consumers can consider. Resin glue is also widely used in curtains, bedsheets, carpets, and other fabric arts because the addition of resin glue can increase the wrinkle resistance and fire resistance of fabrics.

In the housing decoration, it is impossible to have no formaldehyde in the whole process, but the decoration scheme with less formaldehyde content can be selected.

spc core flooring

SPC Core Flooring, does not need to use any adhesive, after plasticizing the extrusion sheet, four rolls calendering hot compress color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde and other harmful substances can be used as the first choice of home decoration floor!

SPC Core Flooring in addition to green environmental protection zero formaldehyde, there are some characteristics.

1. Easy to install. SPC floor does not need to use any adhesive to keep the ground smooth.

2. Wear-resistant and antiskid. Floor wear resistance is also a point that many friends attach great importance to when choosing the floor, and the wear-resistant revolution can reach 6000 rpm. After encountering water, the friction force will become greater, which can achieve good anti-skid performance.

3. Fireproof and waterproof. SPC floor material has a natural flame retardant performance, the fire rating has reached B1 level, so now many public spaces are in the selection.

4. There are many colors. SPC floor also has a variety of decors to choose from, including imitation wood grain series, carpet pattern series, and stone pattern series.

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