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How to Clean the Waterproof Rigid Core Flooring
Oct 21, 2020

Waterproof rigid core flooring production line from the day of its birth has had a huge impact on human life. Plastic products are widely used in the building materials industry. The main raw materials of SPC waterproof rigid core flooring are PVC and stone powder. PVC is an environment-friendly and non-toxic renewable resource at room temperature. The stone powder is a natural material 0 formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly. waterproof rigid core flooring extruder is well known that the PVC floor is divided into coiled material and sheet material, waterproof rigid core flooring refers to sheet material specifically. From the structure, it can be divided into a homogeneous, multi-layer composite, and semi-homogeneous through core sheet; from the shape, it can be divided into square material and strip material. General SPC waterproof rigid core flooring, basically can clean once a day, not very troublesome.

waterproof rigid core flooring

Because waterproof rigid core flooring itself has a certain anti-fouling ability, the surface layer has a special structure, the surface layer has a special high-tech treatment surface layer, and has the ability to remove external pollution, so for general stains, use a clean mop, clean water to wash. If we encounter some difficult stains, such as sweat stains, some trade friction problems, we can use a neutral cleaning agent to clean. Waterproof rigid core flooring to protect the environment is the key, stain treatment technology is only a later word, do a good job in floor protection management, always remind students to consciously abide by the rules of the venue, the enterprise is a key, and good products also need your careful care, it is suggested that you can do regular maintenance for the floor so that we can fully guarantee the floor service life.

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