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Characteristics and Advantages of SPC Vinyl Tile
Jan 07, 2021

SPC vinyl tile: also called ethylene anticorrosion floor, anticorrosion floor, anticorrosion engineering, floor anticorrosion paint, anticorrosion floor paint or anticorrosion tank, etc. .

Suitable places: anti-strong alkali, chemical solvent, salt, cement, concrete floor, drainage ditch, surface layer of chemical storage tank of alkali water pool, surface layer of mortar, surface layer of block material and ground and isolation layer with strict requirements on anti-corrosion performance.

Characteristics and Advantages of SPC Vinyl Tile

Characteristics and advantages of spc vinyl tile

SPC vinyl tile is not different from other floors by some unique properties, in fact, it is just a combination of many properties together. For example, having waterproof properties is consistent with SPC vinyl tile, while having high dimensional stability features is identical to composite laminate flooring, as for the application of locking systems for installation features, they are the same as composite floors and many other types of LVT floors. But when you combine all these attributes, you end up with a completely new product. From the beginning, the SPC vinyl tile was attractive to dealers because it was more profitable and easier to install. It can be applied to imperfectfloors with potential problems, so SPC vinyl tiles are the best choice for owners who may face additional floor maintenance costs. On top of that, practical latch mounting is very simple and efficient, which is really a huge advantage given the current lack of experienced installers. Its a lot easier to teach a person how to install a lock-buckle floor than it is to find an installer who knows how to glue the floor together. The hardness and dimensional stability of a rigid LVT floor not only means that it does not expand or contract, that most installations do not require expansion joints, but also that it does not break or deform due to extreme temperatures. It must be stated here that these performance advantages are obviously dependent on the production of quality management clearance.

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