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Why Lay the Moisture Proof Mat Under Rigid Vinyl Tile
Feb 07, 2021

Moistureproof mat is the interlayer between the rigid vinyl tile and the ground. It is laid close to the ground. It mainly plays the role of moistureproof, protecting the rigid vinyl tile, increasing elasticity, and leveling the ground. The quality of the damp proof mat is directly related to the service life and effect of the rigid vinyl tile.

rigid vinyl tile accessories

The thickness of the floor mat products sold on the market is not very consistent. When laying an aggrandizement floor, what should notice is that the thicker the floor mat is, the better. Too thick floor mat has large room for turning, too large elasticity will crack the floor joint, and even cause the tenon to break.

If the floor mat is too thin, the effect of moisture-proof and buffering is relatively weak, and the elasticity is poor, which can not play the due leveling role, and the foot feeling is poor. Especially in countries with a humid climate, the time of humid climate is relatively long, so the requirements of moisture-proof can not be ignored.

Rigid vinyl tile is made of natural wood, with natural texture, comfortable foot feel,s and good environmental performance, which is very popular with consumers. Therefore, many families will choose to lay rigid vinyl tile.

rigid vinyl tile accessories

The main function of floor moisture-proof mat is moisture-proof and heat preservation, especially in areas with the long rainy season, wood floor is easy to be affected by moisture. If you choose to lay rigid vinyl tile at home, you will certainly lay wood floor moisture-proof mat.

Before laying the rigid vinyl tile, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness, cleanness, and dryness of the floor before laying the wood floor damp proof mat, and then the rigid vinyl tile.

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