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Relationship of Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor and Home Decoration
Feb 08, 2021

In the process of home decoration, most people will care about the purchase process of rigid SPC vinyl floor. They will carefully study and compare the brand, quality, and color of the flooring. However, there are many details in the process of floor paving that need to be controlled. Among them, when paving, the direction and location of rigid SPC vinyl floor will affect the overall aesthetic degree of home-style, but it is ignored by most people.

Relationship of Rigid SPC Vinyl Floor and Home Decoration

For example, the general decoration workers will lay the rigid SPC vinyl floor smooth, that is, the laying direction of the floor texture is perpendicular to the window. In this way, when sunlight comes in from the windowsill, the texture of rigid SPC vinyl floor extends forward along the direction of sunlight, which will make the depth of space more intense and create a more open and bright feeling visually. But if the rigid SPC vinyl floor is pasted in the bedroom, it is usually suggested that the direction of paving is perpendicular to the direction of the bed. After all, the bedroom needs privacy and does not need to extend the space too much, so the crisscross lines are more conducive to filling the space saturation and making the overall space more harmonious and warm. Of course, if you choose a rigid SPC vinyl floor with rich texture, the effect will be more obvious in the sun.

For the family with large home space and choosing the whole rigid SPC vinyl floor, it can be paved smoothly in accordance with the living room, and other spaces can be paved according to the direction of the living room so that the home looks integrated and more coordinated. At this time, you can choose the floor decor with regular texture and a beautiful overall effect.

If the strip floor to a certain extent, there are restrictions on the direction, then the parquet floor greatly makes up for this deficiency. The choice of parquet floor should be refined, not more. In the relatively large living room, the same series of single-chip and combined parquet floors can be designed and paved in front of the TV cabinet in the living room, in front of the bed in the bedroom, in the middle of the dining room, and in the porch. The pattern ornament is sparse and elegant, which can not only reflect the style but also make the living room elegant and flexible.

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