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How to Deal with the Gaps Between the Rigid Core SPC Flooring
Mar 05, 2021

Many novices find that there will be cracks in a small part of the floor after installing the rigid core spc flooring. Generally, according to the installation instructions and careful inspection during installation, this problem will not appear, because each vinyl base plate is connected with the lock, so there will be no cracks. The cracks in the rigid core spc flooring are generally caused by improper installation. The following small make-up will tell you how to make up for them Rescue:

How to Deal with the Gaps Between the Rigid Core SPC Flooring

1. If the gap appears in the accessory position of the room wall, the accessory floor can be removed and re installed, and the rigid core spc flooring that has not been installed can be adjusted.

2. If the gap of spc wood flooring is large, glass glue can be filled in the gap. However, if the gap is not more than 5mm, it is best to use bakelite powder. After mixing the bakelite powder, fill the gap.

3. If the gap is more than 5mm, you can go to the hardware store to buy a kind of special caulking paste for wood floor, which is very easy to use and basically can't be seen.

4. In fact, the gap of wood rigid core spc flooring is large, which does not affect the daily use, and can be ignored without treatment. In the south wind weather, the wood floor will expand, the gap is a little bigger, it will not squeeze the floor deformation. When it comes to heating in winter, you can use a half dry cloth to keep the humidity. In this way, the gap will become smaller in summer. At this time, you can use solid wax to maintain it once, and then there won't be such a big gap in winter.

How to Deal with the Gaps Between the Rigid Core SPC Flooring

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