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The Development History of Rigid Core SPC Flooring
Mar 09, 2021

Rigid core spc flooring is suitable for installation in homes and it is foreseen that the market share of this type of flooring will increase in the future in China. 

The Development History of Rigid Core SPC Flooring

The development history of rigid core spc flooring. In the 1980s, vinyl flooring was invented in Europe, and then some enterprises in Taiwan and South Korea introduced the technology for production, so in mainland China, vinyl flooring made the earliest manufacturers, are Taiwan-invested enterprises. From the beginning of the invention until 2010, during these 20 years, vinyl flooring has existed as a work product because of its cheap price and good decorative effect. The thickness of rigid core spc flooring in this period is 1-2mm, there are two methods of laying, one is the floor with its own adhesive backing, tear open the release paper directly on the ground, the other is the floor without adhesive, after the ground brush glue to put the floor on.

PVC backed flooring paving this period of rigid core spc flooring is difficult to enter the home use, because its installation requires glue, glue is unable to do environmental protection, formaldehyde are just one of the harmful substances in the glue; this thickness of vinyl flooring itself using performance is not excellent. The product change of vinyl flooring appeared in about 2010. In this period, vinyl flooring introduced the tongue and groove technology of multi-layer laminate flooring and laminate flooring, and upgraded the PVC locking flooring. the thickness of PVC locking flooring increased from 1-2mm to 4-5mm, which enhanced the use performance; the thickness of wear layer increased from 0.05-0.15mm to 0.3-0.55mm, which enhanced the wear resistance; the product structure increased Glass fiber, to further stabilize the physical properties of the product; most importantly, with the tongue and groove, the paving effect is seamless, more high-end, beautiful; paving method has been revolutionary changes, no need to brush glue, no need to play keel, as long as the ground leveling or good self-leveling, directly on the ground assembled on the good.

Since then, the whole rigid core spc flooring industry has entered a stage of rapid development, from the field of industrial installation, into the field of home improvement. By 2013, the vinyl flooring category below the derivation of high-end products imitation wood texture WPC flooring (wood plastic flooring); to 2015, and derived from the physical properties of more excellent SPC flooring (hard stone plastic flooring). These products are hugely popular in the US and European markets, with growing market share. By 2016, vinyl flooring reached a market share of 13.7% of all flooring materials in the U.S. market, second only to carpet (37.9%) and hardwood flooring (15.4%), surpassing tile and rubber flooring, and laminate flooring.

The Development History of Rigid Core SPC Flooring

2016 U.S. market rigid core spc flooring to seize the share of other categories 2017 U.S. flooring materials market annual report I did not check, but the vinyl flooring market share should be in continuous high growth, because the domestic OEM factory sales have gained great growth, are also in full swing to expand production. Why are not many domestic households using it? New products need to promote, need to promote, but in the domestic mainstream channels, basically can not see the promotion of vinyl flooring information. The current domestic market of flooring materials brand business giants are doing traditional flooring materials, they do not master the rigid core spc flooring technology supporting, production resources, there is absolutely no incentive to push new products, to new products to do supporting, because the result of doing so is to do for others, to the detriment of themselves and others. If the rigid core spc flooring in the domestic promotion, the current flooring brand giant is not a good thing, the benefit will only be the direction of the market immediately turned to the domestic OEM manufacturers. As far as I can see, a number of domestic flooring brand in 2017 began to ask our factory for its OEM, vinyl flooring as kitchen and bathroom flooring in the promotion of test water. Process problems also exist to some extent. In the domestic market, laying mortar tile many masons will do, playing keel installed solid wood flooring or multi-layer laminate flooring many carpenters will. Rigid core spc flooring installation, the need for ground leveling, it is best to do self-leveling, in the domestic home improvement field, do self-leveling is not a too common demand, may not be every worker can do. In addition, several other types of flooring locking assembly are more bold, and vinyl flooring tongue and groove is smaller, locking assembly compared to the need to be more careful.

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