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SPC wood flooring manufacturer at home and abroad
Jul 21, 2021

SPC flooring has been in China for decades since it was introduced in 1980s. The first batch of imported SPC wood flooring manufacturer has driven the development of China's SPC flooring. After decades of development of the market, batch after batch of SPC wood flooring manufacturer have sprung up, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The competition for domestic products and import of domestic products is always on stage.

A good market environment can ensure the orderly development of the whole industry. For decades, the production technology of domestic SPC wood flooring manufacturer has gradually caught up with imported brands. As far as quality is concerned, SPC flooring produced and developed by some large domestic SPC flooring manufacturers is the same as imported brands. To say that the quality of domestic and imported is the same, many people still don't believe, always subconsciously think that imported SPC floor must be better than domestic.

Actually. In recent years, all the imported brands are not produced abroad. They are all produced by some big manufacturers in China. The so-called imported brands are only imported "brands". The same domestic production, as long as the strict control of quality, do not cut corners, then the production of products are almost the same.

Then why are there products with various prices in the market? The first is the different quality of products, the second is the different performance of products, and the third is the malicious competition in the market. If we want to talk about product quality, there are too many ways to produce products with brand-new materials, recycled materials and adulterants. The quality of the products produced will not be at the same level, and the price will naturally vary greatly. Secondly, product performance, the better the performance, the more expensive the price. Finally, let's talk about the market problems. When an industry matures, some abnormal competition will appear. The most common one is to fight a price war and abandon the malicious competition of product quality and low price.

6mm SPC wood flooring manufacturer

As far as the quality of SPC floor is concerned, after decades of development, domestic SPC wood flooring manufacturer basically have little gap with imported brands. In terms of brand competitiveness, the history of imported brands is much earlier than that of domestic brands, so the imported brands still have great advantages in brand competitiveness. If domestic SPC wood flooring manufacturer wants to keep pace with imported brands, they must firmly grasp the product quality, start from the details, and make the quality of domestic products.

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