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Application of floor produced by SPC core flooring factory
Aug 06, 2021

We may not know much about SPC core flooring, because it is a new type of floor, which is very popular in foreign countries, and the sales volume is very good. The floor produced by Sen’an SPC core flooring factory does not contain formaldehyde, is safe and non-toxic, and does not have any harmful substances. You can use it safely. It is a real green environmental protection product, which is very suitable for home.

Ordinary wood floor, as we all know, there are many problems, such as a long time, many stains can not be cleaned, water sprinkled on it, it is easy to slide, and not waterproof, moldy corrosion, poor maintenance, difficult maintenance. And SPC core flooring has super waterproof performance, and wear-resistant, antiskid, easy maintenance.

SPC core flooring for living room

A lot of wood floor noise is also relatively large, walking can have a sound, very affect our lives, SPC core flooring has a good mute function, the bottom of IXPE mat, has a good mute effect, can eliminate noise. When we are at home, we don't have to worry about reading, studying and resting.

The application of SPC core flooring is also very extensive, because it is waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-skid, anti pollution and other properties, can be applied in any place.

SPC core flooring factory in the process of paving, can completely nail free, glue free, keel free, directly laid on the ground floor. Due to the convenience of glue free paving, easy disassembly and reuse, the lock floor is especially suitable for exhibition and family paving. Generally, SPC floor can be used again when moving home.

The floor produced by SPC core flooring factory is mainly suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings. office. market. Hospitals, hotels, schools, supermarkets, factories, libraries. Hotels, residential buildings, car exhibition halls, airports and other places. Some special occasions, such as pharmaceutical factories, electronic assembly workshops, hospitals, etc., have special anti-static, anti-skid series. For places with floor heating facilities, the geothermal temperature can only be used at 17-37 ℃, otherwise it will cause large deformation and contraction.

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