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How does SPC core flooring factory install flooring in the winter?
Sep 18, 2021

As we all know, the cold weather and low temperature in winter will have a certain impact on indoor and outdoor engineering decoration. Therefore, special attention should be paid to winter construction. The SPC core flooring factory will tell you the precautions for winter construction of the flooring for your reference.

Requirements for installing SPC core flooring in winter

1. Dry crack shall be prevented when decorating SPC core flooring in winter

In winter, the SPC core flooring factory needs to place the floor for more than 24 hours after it is transported from outdoor to indoor during decoration construction. It can be laid only after adapting to the indoor temperature to avoid hollowing and falling off after construction. In addition, the cold-proof shed on the wall in winter is mainly caused by uneven water loss. Pasting kraft paper or bean-wrapped cloth on the wall can play a preventive role.

2. Temperature shall be controlled during decoration in winter

Due to the relatively low temperature in winter, plastering, puttying and tiling are easy to freeze the working face, resulting in hollowing and other problems. If the decorated room has been heated, the temperature is conducive to construction, but attention should also be paid to the weather cracking caused by too fast water loss of the working face.

3. There are gaps in winter decoration

We all know the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, so when decorating in winter, we need to pay attention to leaving appropriate gaps. When laying the floor, the SPC core flooring factoryshall leave about 2mm expansion joint around each floor, otherwise, it will cause expansion and suspension in summer.

SPC core flooring factory

Precautions for SPC core flooring construction in winter

1. Measure the ground temperature at the construction site. If it is lower than 10 ℃, do not carry out construction;

2. Take necessary measures to keep the indoor temperature above 10 ℃ 12 hours before and after construction

3. If the construction is carried out on the cement ground, check whether the ground is dry enough (the moisture content is required to be less than 4.5%)

4. The strength will be greatly reduced after construction in winter, so it is necessary to check whether the hardness is sufficient

5. Store the glue and floor decoration materials in a warm place before construction, which can restore the elasticity of the packaging indentation of the floor decoration materials, and is also good for easing the construction performance of the glue

6. Generally, the temperature near the entrance and exit and doors and windows is relatively low. It is necessary to check whether it meets the low-temperature requirements in advance. The ground construction with poor thermal insulation measures shall be avoided as far as possible. The drying period in winter is about 2-3 times later than that in summer (an additional drying period of at least 3-4 weeks); Even if the self-leveling surface looks dry, the inner layer of decorative materials may not be completely dried, which is in danger of moisture return after construction.

7. The temperature of SPC sports floor tape construction also needs to be higher, and anti-sand and anti-water are not allowed.

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