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Wood look vinyl flooring supplier explain how to choose floor colors
Sep 25, 2021

As a new light-weight material, wood look vinyl flooring is more and more popular. Many design and decoration companies take the initiative to find wood look vinyl flooring supplier and hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them. As people pay more attention to environmental protection, it is believed that wood look vinyl flooring will also usher in a new round of reform. In the future, the standard of wood look vinyl flooring will be more strict, and the emission of formaldehyde will be controlled more strictly. wood look vinyl flooring into the home decoration is also a matter of water channel, so how to choose the home decoration color?

Wood look vinyl flooring supplier

I once saw such a news that there was a black bridge in London, England. Every year, some people committed suicide there. Later, the bridge was painted sky blue, and the number of suicides decreased significantly. Later, people painted the bridge pink, and then there were no suicides. It can be seen that color has a great impact on people. Color is very important for children's mental health and personalized development. Bright colors are the most beautiful for children. We should use bright colors to decorate the children's living environment.

Which details play a key role in the selection of wood look vinyl flooring color. Wood look vinyl flooring supplier will explain it to you from two aspects.

First of all, from the area of the house, color has a great impact on people's visual effect. Small rooms are suitable for dark colors and simple and lively colors, which can expand the area of the room. On the contrary, if you choose the warm tone floor, the overall space will be very narrow. Room daylighting, which is also an important factor limiting the color of the floor. Rooms with better daylighting have a wide selection range, and dark and light color systems are more suitable. In general, PVC material is a kind of environmental protection material, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection advocated by our modern society. Moreover, it does not have toxic substances and will not pose a threat to human health.

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